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Cardiologist’s Evaluator a clinical decision support system developed by a computer scientist and cardiologist, serving as a search engine to select evidence based diagnostic and therapeutic options for an individual patient, using a patented methodology.

It will be the first ever system using artificial intelligence to function as an assistant to the health care provider for updated, cost effective cardiovascular disease management. It interfaces a patient (individual) profile with medical literature for the most appropriate clinical strategies with the references cited. Once an individual enters his or her relevant data into the screen within the web or mobile app, the system provides evidence-based recommendations with citations.

The idea behind the project is to combine the brain’s cognitive judgmental functionality with a computers processing and storage. Even though it is designed such that it can be used by anyone, since there always is a human judgment role before the final delivery of any diagnostic or therapeutic measure to humans, the system indeed aims to assist health care providers including nurses, physician assistants and physicians enabling them to make the best use of current medical literature at every step including ordering the most appropriate tests as per guidelines criteria. Furthermore, beyond currently available heart disease risk calculators, this system refers to emerging risk factors, new diagnostic modalities and novel therapies as they are endorsed by societies with which unfortunately health care providers are not always updated with. It is structured such that it has the flexibility to embrace any new additions to the medical literature.

The utility of the system has already been proven in a cardiology practice in terms of better patient outcomes and the results have been published in medical journals.

The widespread use of such systems will improve health globally. Only 18% of patients with existing cardiovascular disease are treated properly to the target levels set by guidelines. The adoption of guidelines for primary prevention of heart and vascular disease, especially in pediatrics population in the midst of obesity and diabetes epidemics, is not significantly better.

Last but not the least is the potential economic impact. Within the Affordable Care Act provision hospitals will face looming threat of reduced reimbursements under performance measures heavily targeting cardiovascular medicine. Individual patient but not disease specific pathways that this software introduces may emerge as a novel solution to this surmounting problem of ever increasing health care cost in addition to increasing quality and patient education.

Why CVDevaluator?

Is human brain’s cognitive function still adequate for proficient practice of medicine?

No. Widespread translation of ever increasing medical literature to daily practice requires data storage, retrieval and at times computation that can only be realized by assistance of intelligent software.

What else contributes to the impending crisis in health care system?

Inconsistencies among providers, less than optimal adherence to guidelines, increasing bureaucracy in an effort to fix the problems and mounting cost.


Do current EMRs, disease specific pathways, clinical decision support systems institute use to streamline the care provide enough solution?
Not necessarily. The current EMRs provide electronic platform for record keeping, may be time consuming. The current clinical decision support systems are not tailored to individuals. Both lack artificial intelligence capability.

CVDevaluator, only analytic, revolutionary individual patient oriented clinical decision support system with patented methodology and proven benefits in clinical use in cardiovascular medicine.

Let medical literature help to decide the best management strategy for individual patient for better care and significant savings.

CVD evaluator is an advanced AI based clinical decision support tool. It is comprehensive and versatile  to help the practitioners to manage most all aspects of cardiovascular eccentric chronic diseases. It can be used for different purposes such as risk calculator, generation of guidelines or literature based information for a patient profile, automated ICD-10 coding, meaningful clinical documentation and others.  It is also fast and  easy to use. It has been tested in real life settings over the years and better patient outcomes from its utility has been published. Furthermore being cloud based and available both as a mobile and web application it can be integrated to workflow at any point and time. It is designed, developed by clinicians in active practice. A system like this could only be created through experiencing todays challenges and combining clinical and hands on computer programming skills. The gap between new device, drug developments, diagnostic algorithms and their adoption in communities require more than human cognitive function. This fact sets the stage for inevitable artificial intelligence based digital health revolution. CVMedical software aims to be pioneer in this evolving field and invites all health care providers to test, use its products for their empowerment.

Clinical Assessment Software for Heart Failure

This software will constitute the core of new generation smart electronic medical records, will have vast utility especially in underserved or rural areas.

Our mission is to equip health care practitioners with software allowing for the automated clinical decision making for the evidence based practice of cardiovascular medicine. We create cutting-edge artificial intelligence to solve the daily problems practitioners face in managing chronic diseases in the presence of increasing bureaucracy in health care. Our goal is that every practitioner, in every setting has real-time access to appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic options based upon the best evidence available. Our decision support system is the only medical software with improved clinical outcomes from its utilization, proven and published in medical literature
Get a glimpse into CVD Evaluator. On the right, you’ll find a slideshow with a demo of the software.
medical professional holding smartphone
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues
smartphone showing heart failure issues

Meet the Founder

Demir Baykal, MD FACC FASE

Demir Baykal, MD FACC FASE

President, CV Medical Software

Diplomat ABIM Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology, Society of Cardiac CT, American Board of Clinical Lipidology
Demir Baykal obtained his degree in Physical Sciences in 1979 and his MD from Istanbul University in 1985. He began his internship in 1989 at the prestigious Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Baykal completed his internal medical residency in 1992 and cardiology fellowship and scientific research at Emory in 1996. Among his accomplishments is the 99th percentile score in ABIM in training exam. He is board certified in 6 different subspecialties attesting to his broad set of skills in Clinical Cardiology. He is also a national and international speaker in the field of Pulmonary Hypertension. He has dedicated 15 years to the practice of cardiology in Lawrenceville, GA. He is a diplomat and fellow in multiple professional societies. As an avid researcher, Dr. Baykal has published multiple papers in several academic journals and presented original abstracts at national conferences. Most notably, as an innovative visionary, Demir Baykal, MD spent 15 years developing and perfecting USPO patented CVDevaluator, a clinically tested unique software system improving clinical outcomes and reducing major cardiovascular events which has been published in multiple professional society and academic journals. He is currently the CEO of CV Medical Software, LLC.

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We create software solutions to help to solve the problems practitioners face in an atmosphere of increasing bureaucracy and inefficiency in health care. Our web and mobile app based clinical decision support system matches individual patient profile with the guidelines, medical literature and does automated ICD-10 coding in the order of relevance along with billable medical record generation at the point of care. Our goal is to equip health care providers with software enabling them to practice evidence based medicine. Our ambition is all-mobile EMR. Our mission is improved public health and controlled cost of chronic disease burden.

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